Sunday, 19 June 2011

Patong Gangland Slaying Adds to Spate of Phuket Shootings

Patong gangsters knocked two Mafia loan sharks from a motorcycle in Patong early today then opened fire with a handgun, killing one man and putting the other in hospital in a coma, police say.

The blazing volley of shots at 3.10am in Soi Nanai was the third savage killing involving gangs on Phuket in as many weeks.
It was the climax of a feud between groups that hated each other, said Patong Superintendent Colonel Arayapan Pukbuakao, of Kathu police station.

He said that earlier in the evening, Nart Narkpecht, 33, the owner of Nina Karaoke, spotted two of his bitter enemies on a motorcycle outside his karaoke and figured they were going to kill him.

So he hopped on his own motorcycle and sped off to recruit pals Somnuk Suwamthanu, 29, and Bhuchit Bhukam, also 29.

The three men returned to the area in a Chevrolet saloon, looking for sworn enemies Hatchakorn Perkpon, 31, and Somkid Klongsingkram, 31. The pair were loan sharks who also controlled many of the street vendors in Soi Bangla, Patong's famous walking street, said Colonel Arayapan.

The Chevrolet came up behind the pair on their Fino motorcycle and knocked it from behind, throwing them to the street. Khun Nart jumped out of the car, gun blazing.

Khun Hatchakorn, hit four times including shots to the head and the heart, did not survive. He died on the way to Patong Hospital.

Khun Somkid took lead in the stomach, the ribs and a leg and was tonight still in Phuket City's Vachira Hospital, fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.

Police, called to the scene of what residents initially thought to be a motorcycle accident, quickly deduced there was more to it.

The three men were arrested later in the morning in Phuket City. Khun Nart admitted his part in the killing, while Khun Somnuk denied Khun Nart's claim that he had fired at least four shots. Khun Bhuchit had been the driver.

The three men were today being held in the cells at Kathu police station, which oversees Patong.



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