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A Briton Arrested For Illegal Online Football Gambling

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested a British citizen and his Thai wife both charged with illegal football gambling. 

PATTAYA – June 18, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Lt. Col. Kwanpichai Manocharoensap and his law enforcement team arrested Mr. Anthony James Macnolly aged 57, British citizen and Mrs. Thitima Kaewheaung aged 29, address: 470 Moo 6 Nongharn, Udornthani province.

The couple was arrested at Maggie Mays restaurant at 12 Wat Boonsamphan road, Banglamung, Pattaya.

The police had had detected that illegal online Euro 2012 football gambling was taking place at the restaurant.

The arrest was made after the police sent an undercover agent to the restaurant. The “spy” arrived and found the the online gambling was in full swing. An arrest was made moments later.

The evidence found at the crime scene was 2,000 THB changing hands in during the match between Portugal and Holland at 01:45 June 18, 2012 in price of 2,000 THB. The seized the evidence.

After iterrrogating Mr. Anthony James Macnolly he confessed that he had opened the restaurant and had hosted online football gambling for foreign customers for more than 10 years.

The police detained the couple and who are charged with illegal online football gambling. Both of them will be investigated and prosecuted according to the law.

Aussie Woman Jailed For False Rape Report

A 21-years-old Australian woman, Stevie Rochelle who told Phuket police that she had been raped by three Patong tuk-tuk drivers confessed that she had made up the entire story. 

The police became suspicious and inspected the CCTV footage which showed the woman leaving the area on a motor bike taxi at about 03:00 hours.

Later the Ms. Banmford confessed that she told a lie because she had a quarrelled with her boy friend after the dispute she rushed off to an entertainment center in Soi Bangla. Got drunk and made up the story.

The judge to initially sentenced her to imprisonment for one month before reducing the punishment to be 15 days in jail and thereafter immediate deportation from the Kingdom.

Pattaya Two Fake Cops & Women Trick Briton and Thai Wife

A British man reported to the police that he was tricked by two fake cops and a Thai woman who stole 12,000 THB

PATTAYA – June 16, 2012 [PDN]; Miss Prakay Janpo 40 years-old and Mr Mr.Paul Denaam 59 years-old reported to Pol.Capt. Chaleaw Boonkum, that they had been tricked by two men saying that they were police officers, the fake cops took 12,000 THB, a mobile phone and Mister Denaam’s passport before disappearing.

The incident happened at Diana Dragon hotel in Soi Bua Khao, Pattaya. Mrs. Prakai said that she and her British husband had been together for a month.

That very morning they were drunk and they had quarrelled. The British husband said he wanted to break up with her.

In the morning of June 16, they were fighting again and telling each other off. Suddenly a Thai woman aged about 30 appeared and wanted to help the couple.

The Thai women convinced Mr.Paul Denaam to bring her to their room.

When they reached to the hotel counter. The two women started arguing. The security guard intervened and said that they would call the police.

Later, two “police officers” arrived, one of them was stocky and was carrying a wakie-takie, the other police was medium size.

The medium sized man kept an eye on Mrs. Prakai while the stocky one and the woman went into a room.

Later, Mrs. Prakai’s husband followed the fake police officer and the Thai woman.

The British husband came back and asked Mrs.Prakai for money. She gave the fake police officers and the Thai women 12,000 THB.

Moments later the two went into their room and found their mobile phone and her husband’s passport was missing.

The real police officers questioned the victims and checked the CCTV footage and found out that the stocky man is Mr. Wattanahai Srikamnoi, or “Ong” aged 22, living at house # 313/102. Moo 10 Banglamoong. Profession : civil defence volunteer.

The police will interrogate Mr. “Ong” whether he is involved in the case or not.

The other fake police officer and the mysterious woman is still at large.

Mysterious Death of Canadian Sisters Poisonous Mushroom Suspected

The two Canadians Miss Noemi Balenger, 26, and her sister, Miss Audrey, 20, we're found dead in their room on Phi Phi Palm Resident on Phi Phi island on June 15. The case is under investigation. Next post mortem examination in Bangkok. 

KRABI – June 17, 2012 [PDN]; Pol.Maj.Gen.Jamroon Ruenrom- commissioner of Krabi police conducted a forensic investigation of room #103. The police did not find any trace of violence but found several pills in the room. Including Ibuprofen an anti-inflammatory drug which should be taken with precaution and should not be mixed with alcohol.

Pol.Maj.Gen.Jamroon could not conclude the cause of their death, they have to wait for the autopsy at the Royal Thai Police hospital in Bangkok.

There are many pubs that serves a popular cocktail which is made from mushrooms. A tourist said that there were special mushrooms on the menu on Pangan island and Samui island and and also on Phi Phi island. Local name is “Khee Kwai ” or magic mushroom, which is popular among tourists. When consumed, this kind of mushroom will cause heavy intoxication.

Main suspect in 2008 Pattaya murder case arrested by Police

The ringleader of a gang suspected of murdering a well known car care shop owner, four years ago has been arrested by Region 2 Police. Khun Tanoo aged 40 was the 4th most wanted man in the Eastern Seaboard following the murder which took place in the Kow Mai Geaw area on 30th October 2008. The car care owner, Khun Jai was a high profile member of the Pattaya community with strong ties to local and Provincial government. Khun Tanoo was arrested at a Temple in Prajuab Kirikan Province in the South of Thailand where he was recently ordained as a Monk. According to Police Lieutenant General Panya, the Region 2 Police Commissioner, two other members of the gang had been arrested previously but Khun Tanoo had organized the shooting of Khun Jai. An M16 Assault Rifle was used by the gang. Khun Tanoo has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

THREE Australian women have told of hearing "horrible" screams as a mum from Perth was knifed and killed in the street outside a Phuket resort.

Michelle Smith

 The woman stabbed-to-death in Phuket has been identified as Perth mum Michelle Smith. Picture: FacebookSource: Supplied 

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Australian killed in Phuket

Alan Morison, Phuketwan tourism news editor tells details of an Australian woman that was murdered in the Thai resort city of Phuket overni...

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Phuket stabbing tragedy

An Australian woman has died after being stabbed in a botched bag snatch outside a five-star hotel on Phuket, Thailand

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Michelle Smith

Mrs Smith was attacked by bag snatchers on her way back from dinner. Picture: Facebook Source: Supplied

UPDATE: THREE Australian women have told of hearing "horrible" screams as a mum from Perth was knifed and killed in the street outside a Phuket resort.

The women, all from Sydney, spoke in shock of hearing the savage attempt at a bag snatch that went horribly wrong.

Police all over Phuket were today hunting the two young men who murdered the travel agent Michelle Smith, 60, for nothing and wounded her companion, Tammee Lynn, 42, with a gash to the arm.

Ms Smith - who held on to her bag - died outside her hotel after suffering a 10cm knife wound to the heart. Two men sped off on a motorcycle about 10.30pm local time (1.30am AEST).

Perth's RAC has confirmed Ms Smith was an employee of its travel and touring division.

Ms Lynn is understood to be an employee of a travel agency in the southern suburb of Attadale, while Ms Smith worked in the northern suburb of Joondalup.

Today, Ms Lee, who was treated in a Phuket hospital and allowed to leave early today after receiving stitches,  and the other travel agents on the familiarisation tour of Phuket were checking out of the five-star Katathani Beach Resort and heading for home.

Outside the resort today, Jenni Thuge, her mother Dianne and Rebecca Edgell, all from Cronulla, heard the piercing screams at about 10.30pm.

''I heard someone screaming loudly and yelling 'Help, help,'' Jenni Thuge said.

''It was horrible.''

Ms Thuge turns 40 on Saturday and is on Phuket with her mother and a dozen friends for a week-long holiday celebration.

Her mother Dianne said: ''We read the news this morning and were shocked. We couldn't believe that this could happen. Phuket is such a pleasant place.''

Rebeccas Edgell said: ''We've decided to not carry bags just to play safe, although I forgot and brought mine with me just now.''

The three women plan said they were determined to not let the tragedy ruin their long-planned holiday.

''We read about drink-spiking in Bali and decided to come to Phuket instead.''

Dianne added: ''These things can happen in Parramatta Road. We just feel so sorry for the poor woman. But it's hard to blame Phuket.''

The mood was sombre inside the busy resort in just one corner of the lobby as the travel agents prepared to head straight back to Perth. They were reluctant to talk to the media and grieving for their companion.

Elsewhere, though, hundreds of guests enjoyed the swimming pools or headed for a walk along the Kata Noi beach. Resort managers said the Katathani is full and about 80 per cent occupied by Australians.

Australian honorary consul Larry Cunningham was meeting with police and the tour group in private, with a media conference promised for 2pm local time.

Local Saitong Jankeaw, aged 40, sells popular papaya salad close to the point where Ms Smith collapsed to the ground last night with a long knife wound to heart.

''My husband Mr Preeya heard the screams. We were afraid to go out to help, it was so loud and frightening. I asked him whether we should go out but he said 'Maybe it's better not to go’.''

Phuket Police Colonel Boonlert On-Kang, who is heading the investigation, said teams of police all over Phuket were hunting for the Honda Wave motorcycle identified as the getaway vehicle.

Phuket tourism authorities fear a turn-off by visitors, especially from Australia, unless the killers are apprehended quickly.

Both women were in a group of 10 travel agents from Perth who had arrived on Phuket  on Monday to inspect the five-star resort, which dominates the small bay at Kata Noi, south of Patong and Karon, on Phuket's west coast.

The motorcycle pair attempted to snatch the bag in the narrow road outside the resort but fled empty-handed.

Wounded Ms Lynn told police later: "We were walking single-file along the road, coming back from dinner. These guys had gone past a couple of times, and that started to bother us.

"Then I heard a noise behind me and I turned to see what I thought was my friend being pushed in the chest. I tried to help her.

"The men rode off, empty-handed. We started walking again, and only then did we realise we'd both been slashed."

Thailand stabbing
Australian woman stabbed to death. Credit:
Source: News Limited
CCTV footage showing the motorcycle pair wanted over the death. Picture:

Two of the travel agents later watched in sorrow, hugging each other and crying, as the body of their holiday companion was shifted from a makeshift resting place in a loading dock at the resort to an ambulance.

Grainy security camera footage captured the men on the motorcycle but the numberplate could not be distinguished.

Police believe a particularly sharp weapon was used.

Perth travel agent Kylie Daff, who is with the group in Phuket, posted on Facebook this morning: "Guys it may have hit local news ... I am ok ... with a supportive group of people ... Can't update further just yet ... will keep post when ok to do so".

Prominent Perth travel agent and former WAFL star George Michalczyk, proprietor of Motive Travel, said he received a text message early this morning from one of his staff members, who was with the group in Phuket.

"One of my staff is with them," he told 6PR.

"It's just amazing how something can get out of hand like this. You would just never ever ever contemplate that something like that would happen."

Mr Michalczyk confirmed all the agents in the group were from Perth.


Thailand stabbing
Australian woman stabbed to death. Credit:
Source: News Limited



Thailand stabbing
Australian woman stabbed to death. Credit:
Source: News Limited


Friends comfort each other after the stabbing (above) and the victim's shoes at the scene. Pictures:

The brutal murder of a tourist will shock the entire holiday island of Phuket, just as it shocked staff and guests at the Katathani last night. The owner of the Katathani, Sombut Atiset, came to see what had happened.

Australian honorary consul Larry Cunningham sped to the Phuket International Hospital in Phuket City to check the condition of the wounded woman before joining Phuket police in interviewing her at the resort.

Australian embassy officials were earlier contacting Ms Smith's family in Australia.

The Katathani on Kata Noi bay is one of the quieter parts of Phuket, some distance from the noisy swirl of crowded Karon and Patong and one of the least likely places on Phuket for this kind of brutal murder.

Bag-snatching by youths on motorcycles is one of the perils of Phuket, particularly for women out walking in isolated streets. But it was the first time anyone could remember a tourist being killed.

A young German visitor had her thumb cut off in a similar savage incident in Krabi Town, a province nearby, earlier this year.


Google Map
Source: HWT Image Library


The five-star Katathani Beach Resort is on Phuket's west coast (Google Maps)

Her thumb was successfully reattached in surgery on Phuket and four youths were quickly arrested and charged.

Lately, talk on Phuket has been about the mysterious deaths of two Canadian sisters whose bodies were found on Friday in a room on Phi Phi, another holiday island a ferry ride from Phuket, or the six drownings of tourists that have occurred on Phuket beaches in the space of one month and a day.

Phuket police are likely to pull our all stops in their efforts to find the killers. The holiday island made international news in February when Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner was in a group attacked by axe and knife-wielding security guards at a pub in Phuket City.

Prominent Phuket resort owner-manager Vorasit Issara was seriously injured but Renner was unharmed.

Travel writer Ewen Bell has been travelling to Thailand up to three times a year for the past 12 years and said, although the travel agent's death was tragic, tourists were unlikely to be deterred.

"It is terribly sad, but when you take it into context, anywhere in the world you go that has a lot of tourists walking around drunk is probably not going to be terribly safe," Mr Bell said.

"Places like Phuket tend to attract the worst aspects of tourism, whereas the rest of Thailand is much nicer to travel in."

Mr Bell said Thailand takes good care of tourists, with only a small number landing in holiday drama.

"You don't hear about people having their bags snatched and that kind of thing there, like you do in Hanoi and other places where you have lots of tourists in one spot," Mr Bell said.

"Australians know Thailand really well and they know that there are places that are safe and those that aren't safe.

"I don't think they are going to be put off travelling to Thailand."


- Phuket is Thailand's biggest island at 540 square kilometres. It is located 860km south of the capital Bangkok.

- Figures from December 2011 show Australians made up the second largest number of tourists visiting Phuket, after those from China and just in front of those from Russia. In the first three quarters of last year, 172,984 Australians visited Phuket.

- The average international visitor spends approximately AUD$160 per day in Phuket, according to figures from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Tourism is worth AUD $3,370 million per year to the province.

- The Australian Government website,, currently recommends Australians ``exercise a high degree of caution'' in Thailand.

- notes: ``Tourists have also been robbed after the bags they were carrying were snatched by thieves on motorcycles or were sliced open by razor blades. Beware of pickpockets in crowded markets and shopping streets. When visiting these areas leave credit and other cards and licences that are not required locked in a hotel safe or be extra vigilant when carrying these items.'

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Australian girl, 9, attacked in Bali

A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl from New South Wales has allegedly been raped while holidaying in Bali with her family. Australian authorities last night confirmed that police were investigating the alleged attack. ''Australian consular officials are providing assistance to the girl's family,'' the Foreign Affairs Department said in a statement. ''We understand a suspect has been arrested.'' Advertisement: Story continues below The girl was reportedly snatched by a local driver from her bedroom about 9pm (local time) on Sunday and taken to a nearby vacant block at the popular beach town of Kuta. The girl's screams alerted people nearby, it was reported on the Seven Network yesterday. It said a 33-year-old man had been arrested and charged. The girl's family, believed to be from the Byron Bay area in northern NSW, remains in Bali.

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