Saturday, 3 April 2010

English ex-pat caught selling copy DVD movies | Pattaya One News

English ex-pat caught selling copy DVD movies | Pattaya One News: "Investigators at the Economic and Cyber Crime Division of the Royal Thai Police were recently made aware of an advertisement running in a Pattaya English Language Newspaper which was offering copies of popular movies and UK TV Series. They discovered that the man behind the operation was an ex-pat from Liverpool, England but needed more evidence before they could arrest him. A meeting was set-up with the suspected seller; Mr. Robert Newton aged 64, in the car park of the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel. He was in possession of boxes full of the illegally copied movies and TV Series which was accompanied by a professionally made brochure detailing the movies for sale. He was subsequently taken to Pattaya Police Station in his Nissan Frontier Pick-up which was full of boxes containing the movies and was later processed in accordance with Thai Law."

Suspected Killers of Juling gunned down

Suspected Killers of Juling gunned down: "About 100 police and soldiers showed up at the plantation to identify the bodies of Jaemae Hayae, 50, and her daughter Barati Labo, 25, after reports of a homicide. Inquiries showed the two were tapping rubber trees when they were ambushed and shot by an unknown group of gunmen, who fled with the victims' pistols.
Jaemae and Barati, wanted by the Narathiwat Court for allegedly conspiring to attack Juling, were reportedly sympathetic to insurgents and provided assistance to RKK gunmen. Police suspect the two were killed due to conflicts among the insurgents.
Juling was one of two teachers taken hostage in May 2006 at the Ban Kujing Leupa School by villagers who wanted to trade their freedom for the release of two men arrested as suspects for the murder of two Thai marines in 2005. Juling was badly beaten while held captive, which lead to her going into a coma and dying eight months later"

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