Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ukrainian and two Turkish nationals, accused of being part of a gang of credit-card thieves, were arrested in Bangkok's Siam Paragon shopping mall yesterday.

Police say Andrew Salkosky, 40, from Ukraine, and Kardial Karamen, 33, and Oske Gildiarim, 28, both of Turkey, were taken into custody along with 40 credit cards and some brand-name products. They are accused of belonging to a criminal gang that stole credit-card information and copied it on to blank cards, some of which they sold on the black market.
Police allege the three men also carried the cards to buy brand-name goods in various countries to resell products for cash. Police said the credit cards had details for cardholders in Spain with Bt300,000 on each card - a potential loss to banks of Bt12 million.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Three young Frenchmen were arrested in Pattaya on Friday for "stealing several ATM cards"

Three young Frenchmen were arrested in Pattaya on Friday for "stealing several ATM cards" and allegedly withdrawing more than five million Baht from many ATM machines around Pattaya. The police identified the three suspects through surveillance cameras at the ATM locations.
After police tracked the trio down, Kasmi Ali Faycal, 33, Beldilala Nabil, 21, and Khayyou Fares, 22, were arrested at the Sheraton Pattaya resort in Pattaya. Police also seized "several items at the resort including ATM cards ... and T-shirts as recognised on surveillance cameras."
The three suspects were charged for "stealing and using stolen ATM cards, although they denied all accusations


Indian Tourist Drugged, Robbed After Last Night Out in Pattaya

An Indian tourist who was due to return home on Wednesday was drugged and robbed by a Thai woman he had met at a South Pattaya disco during his last night out on Walking Street.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Mr. Sarath Chandra Karroti, 28, and a friend had gone to Mixx Discotheque at the Bali Hai Port in South Pattaya, where they met two unidentified Thai women who later accompanied them back to their separate rooms at the Markland Hotel in North Pattaya.
The Indian tourist reported "consuming many cans of beer" in the room but remembered "nothing else until he woke up just after midday and realized his female companion had stolen his money and other valuables." The stolen items include two gold necklaces, 15,000 Indian Rupees, 1,500 US Dollars and 1,000 Baht in cash. His friend reported no problems with the second woman who he had taken back to his own room.
Security cameras at the hotel were found to be broken and staff at the reception had not taken a copy of the suspect's ID card which is standard practice at most hotels.


Drug dealers arrested in Rayong

The Royal Thai Navy Narcotics Unit, based in Sattahip, busted yet another mid-level drug dealing gang, centred on Rayong, in a couple of raids which took place on Wednesday afternoon and evening. As per usual, the operation began with the arrest of a drug user at his residence in Rayong. He was told to phone his supplier and request a delivery of 50 Yabba tablets, a prohibited Class 1 narcotic. The main dealer, aged 26, arrived in a late-model sedan and was accompanied by a 30-year-old male. After entering the premises of the user, the dealer and his friend were arrested by the undercover drug squad officers. A search of the man’s vehicle uncovered the 50 Yabba tablets. The arrested man was then instructed to take police back to his residence. Here, a further 110 Yabba tablets and 40gms of crystal methamphetamine were discovered. The crystal meth was hidden inside tubes of toothpaste. The arrestee said he would send the drugs into Rayong prison for the use of a number of inmates. Continuing further up the chain, the 26-year-old was told to call his supplier and order 400 Yabba tablets. The undercover officers then drove to a pre-arranged location where a 24-year-old Thai male arrived on a motorbike and was immediately taken into custody. He wasn’t looking too happy when police found the 400 tablets as he realized he might be spending a lot of time in the company of his friends inside Rayong prison.


Suspected drug dealer caught with loaded firearm in Jomtien

A random check on a man acting suspiciously in Jomtien late on Tuesday Night resulted in his arrest and the seizure of a loaded firearm and narcotics. Police were on routine patrol in Soi 5 off the Tepprasit Road when they spotted the man sitting in his Black Chevrolet pick-up truck. He saw Police and appeared nervous which prompted the check. Khun Boonkon aged 21 was taken to Dongtan Police Sub-Station on Jomtien Beach where he reportedly confessed to possession of the firearm and 20 Yabba Tablets which he intended to sell-on to customers around Pattaya. Because of this admission he was charged with possession of a firearm and possession with intent to supply a class 1 drug and is currently on remand pending court proceedings.


Thai 'Girlfriend' Masterminds Armed Robbery of South Korean 'Boyfriend'

Following the "carefully planned" car-jacking of a vehicle owned by a South Korean expat living in Pattaya, police were able to quickly arrest two of the suspects. One of them was found to be the victim's 27-year-old so-called Thai "girlfriend," identified only as Miss Benjapan, who is thought to be the mastermind of the robbery, and to have "planned everything." The 19-year-old accomplice, Khun Komsan, who is thought to have carried out the car-jacking, was also arrested. However, a 13-year-old girl also involved in the robbery plot was able to escape.
Pattaya police explained that Mrs Benjapan had "devised a plan to steal Mr. Jun Hak Baer’s [the South Korean expat's] car." Mr. Komsan was used to "intercept the car in a remote area and - at gunpoint - Mr. Baer was forced out of his car which was driven away by Miss Benjapan," his Thai "girlfriend."
An unidentified 13-year-old girl had earlier been "picked up by Mr. Baer." But "along the way, she claimed to be feeling sick and asked Mr. Baer to pull over. At this point a motorbike [carrying Mr. Komsan] appeared."
Police found a laptop computer in the car, a set of golf clubs and 4,000 Baht in cash, which were all returned to the victim after police were able to locate and arrest the two suspects in the stolen car. The gun used in the robbery was also recovered. Both suspects have now been charged over the incident and are being held on remand pending court proceedings.


Thai Police Arrest Two Germans Wanted for Fraud, Tax Evasion

Thai police have arrested two Germans, one of them in Pattaya, who face arrest warrants in their homeland on fraud and tax evasion charges, media and diplomatic sources confirmed Friday.
Acting on a request from the German Embassy in Bangkok, Thai immigration police arrested the two fugitive men, Elmar Anton Schorosch, 50, and Ralf Dotterweich, 51, in two separate raids on Monday, the Manager newspaper reported.
Mr Schorosch was arrested in his home in Si Sa Ket province, where he had been living for years with his Thai wife. He faces an arrest warrant issued by a Wuerzburg court for fraud.
Mr Dotterweich, who faces an arrest warrant in Wuerzburg in connection with a 500,000-Euro tax evasion case, was arrested in Pattaya.
The arrests were the latest of several involving German nationals wanted for crimes committed at home. "Our cooperation with Thai immigration police has really improved over the past year," the German embassy said.
Thailand's incumbent Immigration Police Chief took up his post last year with a promise to crack down on pedophiles and other foreign criminals and living in Thailand, once seen as a safe haven for expatriates fleeing criminal charges in their homelands


Thai police have arrested five Iranians and charged them with drug smuggling and trafficking, an offence that carries a maximum punishment of death

Thai police have arrested five Iranians and charged them with drug smuggling and trafficking, an offence that carries a maximum punishment of death, officials said Thursday.
Authorities said a total of 5.8 kilos (12.8 pounds) of "ice" crystal methamphetamine, worth about half a million dollars, was found in the luggage of the suspects, who arrived on the same flight from the United Arab Emirates.
"We believe that they are in the same gang but we cannot prove it," said Police Major Ronnakorn Sukmongkol.
The suspects -- three men and two women in their 20s and 30s -- all admitted that they were paid to take the drugs to Malaysia, police said.
Thailand, along with other countries in the region, has seen a marked increase in seizures of methamphetamine as the world opiate trade declines.
Although drug trafficking can result in the death penalty in Thailand, executions are now rare.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Patong Gangland Slaying Adds to Spate of Phuket Shootings

Patong gangsters knocked two Mafia loan sharks from a motorcycle in Patong early today then opened fire with a handgun, killing one man and putting the other in hospital in a coma, police say.

The blazing volley of shots at 3.10am in Soi Nanai was the third savage killing involving gangs on Phuket in as many weeks.
It was the climax of a feud between groups that hated each other, said Patong Superintendent Colonel Arayapan Pukbuakao, of Kathu police station.

He said that earlier in the evening, Nart Narkpecht, 33, the owner of Nina Karaoke, spotted two of his bitter enemies on a motorcycle outside his karaoke and figured they were going to kill him.

So he hopped on his own motorcycle and sped off to recruit pals Somnuk Suwamthanu, 29, and Bhuchit Bhukam, also 29.

The three men returned to the area in a Chevrolet saloon, looking for sworn enemies Hatchakorn Perkpon, 31, and Somkid Klongsingkram, 31. The pair were loan sharks who also controlled many of the street vendors in Soi Bangla, Patong's famous walking street, said Colonel Arayapan.

The Chevrolet came up behind the pair on their Fino motorcycle and knocked it from behind, throwing them to the street. Khun Nart jumped out of the car, gun blazing.

Khun Hatchakorn, hit four times including shots to the head and the heart, did not survive. He died on the way to Patong Hospital.

Khun Somkid took lead in the stomach, the ribs and a leg and was tonight still in Phuket City's Vachira Hospital, fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.

Police, called to the scene of what residents initially thought to be a motorcycle accident, quickly deduced there was more to it.

The three men were arrested later in the morning in Phuket City. Khun Nart admitted his part in the killing, while Khun Somnuk denied Khun Nart's claim that he had fired at least four shots. Khun Bhuchit had been the driver.

The three men were today being held in the cells at Kathu police station, which oversees Patong.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Phuket a haven for addicts

Although illegal, over-the-counter sale and purchase of benzodiazepine derivative drug like diezapam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax) is common in Thailand, and is even tacitly accepted by many local authorities. However the practice exposes buyers to health risks including addiction or overdose.

Last year, a high-ranking source in the Phuket Public Health Office (PPHO) admitted to The Gazette that his department permitted pharmacies to sell prescription drugs over the counter, despite the fact that it is prohibited under Thailand’s Psychotropic Substances Act of 1974, which outlaws the possession of ‘Schedule IV’ drugs without a prescription.

“In Phuket we’re not so strict as this is a tourist place,” he said. “We grant permission to pharmacies to sell the drugs, but they need to report to the PPHO first.” This attitude has led to Thailand becoming a prescription drug haven of sorts, where people are able to self-medicate, without being prescribed proper dosages or having the risks explained. Many tourists also buy in bulk and smuggle drugs into countries where laws are more seriously enforced.

Mr Peter Davison, Manager of International Services at Phuket International Hospital, acknowledges this problem.

“You get gray areas in Thailand, where some medications which are restricted are still dispensed without following the law,” he said. “But the requirement of a prescription is for the safety of the person taking the drug. It needs to be monitored by a doctor for things like side effects and addiction.”

The lack of such monitoring has caused many a Phuket resident to fall into the downward spiral of drug addiction.

“We have treated people who had issues with being addicted to these drugs, there’s no doubt about that,” Mr Davison said.

One such person, who lives in Phuket but wishes to remain anonymous, experienced this first hand.

“At first I would only take them if I couldn’t sleep, or was going on a long bus journey,” she said, “but later it became a daily thing I did to deal with stress and anxiety.”

Before she knew it, she had been taking Valium every day for six months. “I became completely reliant on it. If I didn’t take it, I would be awake all night and have anxiety attacks,” she said.

It was the widespread availability of Valium that kept her from breaking free of her dependence, she said.

“It is very easy to get them from the pharmacy, they don’t ask any questions. I alternated between five pharmacies in Chalong every week to get bags of 10 pills of 10mg for just 100 baht. I never encountered any problems at all.”

Eventually, she had to go back to her home country in order to wean herself off the pills. “I experienced withdrawals, I felt anxious and not myself. I also did not sleep at all for many weeks,” she said.

But the self-imposed exile was worth it. “If I hadn’t have gone back home and stayed here it would have been a lot harder because I just knew they were there – easy to get and cheap.”

Aside from addiction, overdose can also be a potential issue. “Overdosing on Valium can be a big problem, because the dosage depends on how big your body is. For example, 10mg would be a large amount for a child whereas it wouldn’t be a lot for an adult who weighs 100kg. On top of that, every individual body is different,” Mr Davison explains.

The Phuket resident who struggled with Valium dependency was quick to point out that tolerance to the drug increases over time.

“After a while it was not having as much of an affect as it did in the beginning. There were times I took them and still couldn’t sleep, so I had to take more.”

“I think it can be very dangerous if people aren’t aware of what they are taking – if they think that because they’ve got them from the pharmacy that means they can take five,” she warns.

The availability of these drugs also keeps people from exploring other treatment options. “If you are using it to sleep or ease anxiety, maybe you should be looking at non-pharmaceutical options with assisting you sleep. There are other avenues, don’t become reliant on using this medication,” Mr Davison says.

The former addict agrees: “Now I eat healthily and exercise to cope with stress – and I feel a lot better than I did on the medication,” she said.


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